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Since starting my cinematography adventure in 2006, I have cultivated my craft as a Director of Photography on a wide variety of film and television projects. Working with agency, artist, corporate, and non-profit clients I captured documentaries, music videos, narrative short and feature length films, and branded content in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Featured Work

"A Better Thief"

Short film Directed by Jeff Seemann

Spring 2016

Credit Director of Photography

Shot on Red Scarlet Dragon

Winner of three Southern Ohio Film Association Winter Film competition awards and nominated for 12 awards including best picture, best director, best cinematography, and best editing.

"Find Brilliance"

Corporate Brand film Directed by Kurt Barron

Agency Seek Company

Spring 2015

Credit Director of Photography

Shot on Red Scarlet Dragon

Seek Company captured the essence of adventure for their new brand film, "Find Brillance", by utilizing high contrast narrative lighting, a sense of nostalgia, and the beauty of a rustic location.

"Occupational Pleasures"

Mixed Media Fringe Festival Play

Spring 2015

Credit Director of Photography

Shot on Red Scarlet Dragon

Dan and Louise are keeping their office fling on the downlow. They’re not sure how serious they are and, well, their coworkers are total weirdos. This becomes even more clear when they discover that everyone in the office reads fan-fiction about their theoretical relationship. Disturbed by this revelation, Dan and Louise find themselves in a war between the two competing storylines: a 50 Shades-esque smutfest and a syrupy romance.

"The Murders of Brandywine Theater"

Feature Length Film Directed by Larry Longstreth

Production Company Eddie Spaghetti Productions

Spring 2013

Credit Director of Photography

Shot on Red Scarlet-X

A depressed, small-town ventriloquist named Henry (Dian Bachar of Southpark, Baseketball) finally comes out of his shell when his puppet ‘Moxxy’ (voiced by Les Claypool of Primus fame) begins speaking up for him. All is seemingly well until the cruel and charismatic puppet becomes uncontrollable, resulting in a bizarre battle of wills and even murder.

"Are You There Eli?"

Short Film Directed by Evan Maines

Fall 2014

Credit Director of Photography

Shot on Red Scarlet-X

Eli is torn between his parents: Jack, his selfish and abusive father and Catherine, his wilting and weary mother. Further complicating Eli’s life is a fallout with a longtime friend and love interest, Florence. Florence is in a relationship with Lucas, a popular and arrogant bully. Eli struggles to maintain his sanity as he watches someone he loves mirror the abusive relationship between his parents. It’s enough to make a young man want to wage war.

"Cut Short"

Short Film Directed by Andy Gasper

Production Company Fish in Glass Box

Spring 2014

Credit Director of Photography

Shot on Red Scarlet-X

When a beautiful dame hires Detective McArthur to find her lost uncle he goes through great lengths to discover the motives behind the uncle’s gruesome murder.

"Home Slice"

Speedway 30 Second Commercial Spot

Agency RGI, Inc.

Spring 2014

Credit Director & Director of Photography

Additional Credit Compositing and Post Production

Shot on Red Scarlet-X

Hired to produce "edgier" content for the Speedway YouTube page, RGI delivered a concept that instantly impressed. The spot was cut down to 30 seconds and aired nationally to promote the spring buy one get one free pizza campaign.

"Jacob’s Paradox"

Short Film Directed by Michael Peake & David James

Production Company Plum Street Productions

Winter 2014

Credit Gaffer & Steadicam Op

Shot on Red Scarlet-X

How far would you go to change the past? Professor of Quantum Physics, Jacob Matthews, is faced with such a question. After suffering the loss of his murdered wife, Sarah, Jacob’s life begin to tailspin out of control. Unable to perform his duties, he’s asked to take a leave of absence from his position with the University. Soon after, Jacob locks himself in his home, shut off from the outside world. There, in his solitude, he begins a dangerous and maddening journey to go back and save his beloved Sarah.

Complete Camera Package

Red Scarlet-W

  • PL or Canon Lens Mount
  • 7" Touch LCD
  • V-Lock I/O Module
  • 19mm Rods
  • 2x 120GB SSD
  • 4x Power Bricks
  • AC Power

Zeiss ZE Primes

  • Canon Mount
  • 21mm f/2.8
  • 50mm f/2.0 Macro
  • 85mm f/1.4
  • 135mm f/2.8

Camera Support

  • OConnor 1030 & Sticks
  • Handheld & Shoulder Rigs
  • OConnor Follow Focus
  • Chrosziel 4x4 Matte Box
  • REDMAG Reader

Additional Gear

Upon Request

  • Red Scarlet-X Dragon
  • Steadicam Scout HD with Operator
  • Dana Dolly With 4’ of Track
  • Director/DP Field Monitor
  • SmallHD 502 HD-SDI/HDMI 5-inch Monitor
  • Kino-FLo Diva Light
  • Kino-FLo 4' 4-Bank Kit
  • Hive Wasp 100c Full RGB LED Light Kit
  • Lowel Pro-Light Tungsten Kit
  • Panasonic GH5 4K/HD Camera Package*

* Low budget camera package.


8TB RAID • ESATA Transfer Rates

Digital Negative Backup and Look Creation

- DIT and Data Wrangler

The role of Digital Imaging Technician combines my passion of filmmaking and my love of technology. Sculpting a look that takes full advantage of a modern camera’s dynamic range is no easy task.

I tailor a workflow that meets the demands of each production while maintaining data security and delivering look accurate RAW and transcoded materials.

Camera Experience - Arri Alexa & Amira, Canon C100/300/500, DSLR, RED Epic & Scarlet, Sony F3/5/55 & FS-100/700.

Take a Gander at This News

WRAPPED: "A Better Thief" Short Film

A heist film in under 10 minutes? This ambitious short film was a production of my own making and collaborated with a team of wonderful writers and directors.

RELEASED: "The Worst" by the Rolling Stones Cover Music Video

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is a great organization that groups talented young musicians together to professionally record covers of popular songs. I had the pleasure to shoot this music video for one of the songs: Watch Now on Youtube

RELEASED: "I Am Not Ordinary" featuring Billy Hamilton

Here’s a brand video I shot for the energy drink company Hoist. Watch Now on Youtube

RELEASED: "In Case of Inequality Break Glass" Short Film

A short film I directed for the 2015 Cincinnati 48 Hour Film project. It was great to work with Michael Potter as the Director of Photography.

RELEASED: "For Cincinnati" Commercial for the Cincinnati Saints Soccer Club

Here’s a cool commercial I shot using the Letus Helix and the Red Scarlet Dragon. Watch Now on YouTube

WRAPPED: "Are You There Eli?" Short Film

It was a pleasure working with the talented cast and crew and contributing as the Director of Photography on Evan Maines’ directorial debut short film.

Best Cinematography

"The Murders of Brandywine Theater" wins Best Cinematography award at the 2014 Chicago Horror Film Festival. It was also nominated for best film and best director.

RELEASED: "Cut Short" Short Film

A Fish in Glass Box project for Cincinnati’s 48 Hour Film Project. Written and directed by Andy Gasper. I was the Director of Photography and Executive Producer. Watch Now

RELEASED: "A Man, A Woman, and A Maybe" Short Film

A Fish in Glass Box project for Souther Ohio Film Association’s Winter Film competition. Written and directed by David James. I was the Director of Photography and Executive Producer. Watch Now

WRAPPED: "Jacobs Paradox" Short Film

I accepted the position of Gaffer on this project to focus on lighting techniques. It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Plum Street. Visit JP’s Facebook Page for more information.

RELEASED: "Fantasy Therapy" Short Film

A Fish in Glass Box and 48 Hour Film Project that I directed the photography on and produced. Winner of a Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project Audience Choice award. Watch Now

WRAPPED: "The Murders of Brandywine Theater"

Feature film in the can. There were highs and lows but one thing is for sure, this is a good one. Visit Eddy Spaghetti Productions for more info.

RELEASED: "You Don’t Want These Cards"

Here’s a music video I shot for director Lance Meaux and artist B Simm. Watch Now


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You can find me living the good life in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love filmmaking. I also love technology, playing guitar, and my cat, Ronnie the Bear.

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